Tree Information & Inquiry Form

Trees are most beneficial when growing healthy and strong, but you’re probably reading this because your tree isn’t doing well and needs to come down.

Depending on the condition of your tree, it may be a good candidate for lumber, flooring, furniture, or other household goods. If so, the arborist you work with needs to remove the tree in a way that preserves the wood. Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW) arborists will automatically remove the tree in this way and work with WUW sawmills to recover the wood. â€‹Go here​ to find one of our ISA certified WUW arborists, or find one in your area here.

To determine the usability of your tree, fill out the form below. Wisconsin Urban Wood will contact you with next steps. Thank you!

Address | Location of Tree/s ?
Please provide complete address or the location of the tree/s including town or city and zip code. Google map addresses are helpful.
Tree Description
Please provide the tree species or a description of the trees or woods you have. If you don't know the species, let us know that, too.
Reason for Removal
Reason (Other)
Trunk Diameter
Beginning at approximately 4 feet up from the base of the tree, measure around the tree's trunk (in inches) with a measuring tape. This number is the circumference. Divide the circumference by 3. This is the diameter. If you are unable to provide this information, describe how far your arms reach or overlap when you wrap them around the tree.
Height at First Branching
Estimate the height of the trunk where the first branch occurs.
Access ?
Describe any obstacles to getting the tree from your yard to the street: gates, fences, tight corners, et cetera.
What might you want made from your tree?

For a sustainable neighborhood, yours, mine, ours.