Atwood Tree Inventory

This analysis of our neighborhood’s tree inventory was completed by the Urban Tree Alliance.

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Browse the trees in your yard, in a park, or down the road…

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Attribute Data Formats:

This map is a combination of two data sets: (1) 5488 privately owned, park, and bike path trees inventoried  in the Atwood neighborhood by Sustainable Atwood, and (2) 2590 city street trees inventoried by the City of Madison. The data contained in the map will be in a different depending on which inventory the tree is registered in.


The top image (1 of 2 on right) is an example of a single privately owned tree.

The data fields include:

  1. FID: A number used for recording keeping.
  2. Genus: The scientific genus to which the tree belongs.
  3. Species: The second have of the scientific name.
  4. COM_Name: The common name used to identify the tree.
  5. DBH_Inch: The tree’s trunk diameter in inches “at breast height” (about 4 ft. from the ground)
  6. Ht_TP_FT: The height to the top of the tree in feet.
  7. HT_BT_FT: The height to the lowest branch on the tree in feet.
  8. CONTN: A rating of the trees health on a scale of 1-100.
  9. DIEBACK: The percent of the tree that is no longer living on a scale of 1-100.

The lower image (2 of 2) is an example of a street tree’s information.

Data fields include:

  1. FID: A number used for recording keeping.
  2. DIAMETER: The tree’s trunk diameter in inches “at breast height.”
  3. HCLASS: The height tree’s height broken up into 5 classes (1=0 ft., 2=1-15 ft., 3=15-30 ft., 4=30-60 ft., 5=60+ ft.)
  4. CONDRATE: A rating of the tree’s health on a scale of 0-1)
  5. Common_Nam:  The common name used to identify the tree.

Your Tree, Our Forest: A look at our local forest and how your tree contributes to the community.

Wisconsin Urban Wood: Reusing your tree and avoiding the waste stream. Directory of local businesses networking together for sustainable recovery of urban wood.

The online map of Atwood’s 8000+ trees was made possible by the Urban Tree Alliance.

For a sustainable neighborhood, yours, mine, ours.