Urban Forest

Here you can find an overview of the urban forest in the Atwood community and contact information for tree professionals who can help with every aspect of your tree’s life–and after life.2013_10_Ecassidy_SustainableAtwood03

Your Tree, Our Forest   A look at our local forest and the way your tree contributes to the community.

Wisconsin Urban Wood  (WUW) A partnership of professional arborists, sawyers, kiln operators, wood product manufacturers, artists and designers networking to use urban trees as a sustainable resource.  WUW brings decades of experience, skill and stewardship to you when you need help with your tree.

Neighborhood Guide to the Urban Forest Read about the benefits of trees while they live and after they die.  Whether or not you have a tree, you can be part of the resiliency of our forest. Read our guide and find out how.

EAB Treatment Information The Emerald Ash Borer has arrived in Madison and is beginning to impact our Ash tree population. It’s important to save trees whenever possible. There are treatments available to protect Ash trees from the EAB; know the risks.

Atwood Tree Inventory  A detailed map of our neighborhood showing the results and analysis of the 2011 tree inventory and what this research tells us about our forest.


For a sustainable neighborhood, yours, mine, ours.