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Tree Inventory: faster than the bug

The inventory is going quickly. That’s good news. It means that–with continued progress–the grant money will cover the cost of the inventory. This map includes most parts of the SASY neighborhood, but not all, depending on which map one uses (there are a few out there), and all of our inventory area.  We coordinate the areas on the map between volunteers and the person performing the inventory.  The number/letter labels help communicate which areas are ready to be inventoried. We started with the parks–this was a slow go–imagine measuring the height of trees on the bank of Hudson Park at Lake Monona! Then we moved to the first residential area, #9.  Area #9 went much faster than the park areas, and was completed as of 8/5/11.  We started canvassing areas 3-6 last week and will measure those areas in the next 2-4 weeks.