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Green Thursdays: December film

Thursday, Dec 15, 6:30pm: HOW TO BOIL A FROG (plus “Fly Fishing” short) at the Hawthorne Branch Library (2707 E. Washington Ave).

“How to Boil a Frog” is an eco-comedy that mixes rapid-fire humor and hard-hitting facts to show the consequences of “overshoot” — too many people using up too little planet — and what it means for our future. With an ‘Everyman approach, smart writing, world-class experts, and humor, “How to Boil a Frog” shows the imminent end of the world as we know it and five surprising ways you can save civilization (while laughing).

The film gives you five memorable ways to make your life better now, and transition off the energy-chugging treadmill thats sucking away our time, money and joy. It appeals to adults and kids with an irreverent take on our consumer culture and unsustainable status quo. It is filled with mindboggling facts and challenges that will entertain and motivate you to rise up and save the planet, the polar bears, and your own self. http://howtoboilafrog.com/

These free film screenings are part of Sustainable Atwoods Green Thursdays film series. Green Tuesdays & Thursdays are brought to you at various locations in Dane County byThe Natural Step Monona, and supported by the Madison Gas & Electric Foundation, the Dane County Environmental Council, and Richard and Judy Fritz. 

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