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Congratulations! SA wins 2nd DNR Urban Forestry grant!

We got the grant!

Thanks to you…

The DNR has awarded Sustainable Atwood a second grant valued at $49,000 ($24,500 cash + $24,500 donation) for the project proposal:

EAB Readiness & Full-Cycle Response: Stewarding our Urban Forest’s Natural Resources

Sometimes public and private trees must be removed from the urban forest–because of bug, blight or circumstance. Many people would like their tree to become something other than wood chips and firewood, but few know whom to turn to. This grant seeks to connect neighborhoods, professionals, local businesses, artists and organizations to ensure the best use & practices for our trees—for the benefit of all.

Here’s a partial description of the project–a proposed publication called The Neighbor’s Guide to the Urban Forest:

Urban forests are mainly owned, not by cities, but by individuals who are largely unaware that–like drinking water, air and land—they own part of a collective resource that can bring multiple benefits when approached with best management practices. The “Neighbors Guide to the Urban Forest” will help the community understand their part in the management of the forest and, in addition, give them the information they need to make the best use of their woodland lot.

In addition to the brainstorming and networking that will go in to creating the guide, we can look forward to other ways of advancing best urban forest management and high-end-use-first practices by holding wood processing demonstrations, accompanied by teaching events, and the building and installation of Little Urban Forest Libraries, to name a few.

When calls were made in late September to find out if there was enough support to lift this project, it was clear the idea had been germinating for a while. The DNR’s grant award confirms the projects time has definitely come! Thanks to our growing list of partnerships for being game to work on this exciting endeavor in 2012! We hope youll join us, too. Watch this website for updates.

To a sustainable neighborhood AND a very Happy New Year!


Tree Inventory: faster than the bug

The inventory is going quickly. That’s good news. It means that–with continued progress–the grant money will cover the cost of the inventory. This map includes most parts of the SASY neighborhood, but not all, depending on which map one uses (there are a few out there), and all of our inventory area.  We coordinate the areas on the map between volunteers and the person performing the inventory.  The number/letter labels help communicate which areas are ready to be inventoried. We started with the parks–this was a slow go–imagine measuring the height of trees on the bank of Hudson Park at Lake Monona! Then we moved to the first residential area, #9.  Area #9 went much faster than the park areas, and was completed as of 8/5/11.  We started canvassing areas 3-6 last week and will measure those areas in the next 2-4 weeks.

Tree Inventory: How’s it going?

Although we wont consider education and outreach (e/o) complete until our urban forest is secure and healthy, were pleased to report that we have accomplished many of our e/o goals as stated in Sustainable Atwood’s grant proposal to the DNR. We started with a host of excellent partners working with us to accomplish the sizable goals of the project and have gained the interest of individuals and groups ever since—some of whom have become key figures in planning, teaching, coordinating, and evaluation of the project. Our partners seem to have a natural ability to collaborate, build on each others ideas and go the extra mile. Thanks to their hard work, weve completed and continue to build on the activities described in the blogs to follow!