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Sustainable Atwood’s new office and tool library space!

Sustainable Atwood has a new home!

2014_SustainableAtwoodNewOffice03We are very excited to announce that our office is now located at Zion Church at 2165 Linden Ave. in  Madison (mailing address: 2018 Helena St., Madison 53704).  The new office and library space is great; we couldn’t be happier with the move or the people we share the building with–especially Pastor Pat Siegler and the people of ZC, piano and yoga teachers, and artists.  Keep an eye on our Atwood Tool Libraryopening soon!

Check it out!

Home, Sweet Home. Thank you Zion Church.


ATL Makeover 7
The beautiful bones of our Atwood Tool Library.

Zion Church - Sustainable Atwood New Office
Sustainable Atwood’s new office is located at Zion Lutheran Church on Linden Ave.


The Atwood Tool Library – First meeting and workshop! April 14th and 21st

Ever had plans to do weekend home repairs but didn’t know how or have the tools you needed? Or didn’t want to pay for a tool you’d only use once? That’s just what a tool library is for.

Join us April 14th to discuss creating a Tool Library in the Atwood neighborhood! Talk to others who are interested in starting a tool library, learn how other cities have done it, help organize and find others to include in the planning.
Exploring an Atwood Tool Library

April 14th, 2014

Absolutely Art – 2322 Atwood Ave., Madison 53704
RSVP: Email tools@sustainableatwood.org  

Please note: RSVP is not required, but it will help us determine how we set up the room and run the meeting, so please let us know if you can.

*Attend the meeting on the 14th and be entered into a drawing for a free window screen repair at the Martin Glass Workshop on the 21st!*

Then … 
Join us the following week for a sample workshop demonstration!
Learn how to repair single pane windows and mend screens from our neighborhood experts at Martin Glass.
Spring Window & Screen Repair Demo
April 21st, 2014
6:00-7:15 p.m.

Martin Glass – 2323 Atwood Ave., Madison 53704
Suggested donation: $5.00 OR donation of a working tool (non-gas powered) to start our library collection. 

Hope to see you there!

– Sustainable Atwood

PS- Check out the North Portland Tool Library as a great example of our vision for the neighborhood!

Congratulations! SA wins 2nd DNR Urban Forestry grant!

We got the grant!

Thanks to you…

The DNR has awarded Sustainable Atwood a second grant valued at $49,000 ($24,500 cash + $24,500 donation) for the project proposal:

EAB Readiness & Full-Cycle Response: Stewarding our Urban Forest’s Natural Resources

Sometimes public and private trees must be removed from the urban forest–because of bug, blight or circumstance. Many people would like their tree to become something other than wood chips and firewood, but few know whom to turn to. This grant seeks to connect neighborhoods, professionals, local businesses, artists and organizations to ensure the best use & practices for our trees—for the benefit of all.

Here’s a partial description of the project–a proposed publication called The Neighbor’s Guide to the Urban Forest:

Urban forests are mainly owned, not by cities, but by individuals who are largely unaware that–like drinking water, air and land—they own part of a collective resource that can bring multiple benefits when approached with best management practices. The “Neighbors Guide to the Urban Forest” will help the community understand their part in the management of the forest and, in addition, give them the information they need to make the best use of their woodland lot.

In addition to the brainstorming and networking that will go in to creating the guide, we can look forward to other ways of advancing best urban forest management and high-end-use-first practices by holding wood processing demonstrations, accompanied by teaching events, and the building and installation of Little Urban Forest Libraries, to name a few.

When calls were made in late September to find out if there was enough support to lift this project, it was clear the idea had been germinating for a while. The DNR’s grant award confirms the projects time has definitely come! Thanks to our growing list of partnerships for being game to work on this exciting endeavor in 2012! We hope youll join us, too. Watch this website for updates.

To a sustainable neighborhood AND a very Happy New Year!


Our organizational growth and development

Sustainable Atwood’s growth

Remarkably, Sustainable Atwood (SA)’s current level of progress toward creating a neighborhood model of social, economic and ecological sustainability has been reached in two years. Thank you to all who have put the ABLE in Sustainable Atwood.

Early 2010, SA successfully established visions and goals as a neighborhood and designed a structure of teams (food, transportation, business, etc.) to achieve them. Next, we hammered out organizational development. Teams took shape according to the interests, leadership and skills of each group. Thanks to leadership on those early teams, significant projects emerged, moving us closer to our goals.

The team structure demands a high degree of organization to maintain, one that we are still growing in to.  In the meantime, the categories remain a solid base around which projects and concepts continue to grow.

The ongoing core and communications teams each have directors with distinct responsibilities enlisting the work of multiple volunteers, and are open to those interested in working toward the visions and goals forged by our neighborhood.  These two teams manage the organization and its development. Project templates are being created to stimulate and support new and ongoing projects when and where they emerge in the neighborhood.  SA functions as a hub for creating and expanding sustainability projects, increasing project visibility, and providing support, promotion and development.

Some of the 2010-2011 outcomes, such as the Atwood Winnebago Area Business Association (AWABA) became organizations in their own right. SA helped establish the first AWABA meetings and agendas and actively promoted its development. Now AWABA is up and running on its own, filing for legal status and recognized by Madison as one of its 12 official business associations. Other projects are specific to SA, such as the SA Metro Commute Card, the SA Tree Inventory and SA Green Movie Nights. Still other projects emerge through partnerships in expanding community networks and mutual interests, such as the Lowell Garden and Permaculture project, and Community Solar. Each project is included in our outreach as an important part of what makes us a sustainable community.

Whether projects originate from SA proper, grow independently from within the neighborhood and join us partners, we hope to increase our collective identity as a sustainable community through mutually supportive outreach, communication and collaboration.

“We” are neighbor-volunteers working together. Congratulations for our progress in 2011. We’d love to team up with you on your idea and welcome you to contribute to our project goals in 2012 to create an SA membership, people & project directory; develop the SA website; write articles; coordinate outreach; create an e-newsletter; apply for grants to support projects; and grow partnerships with non-profits and organizations.

Put your skills and interests to work for the sustainability of our neighborhood. Create a project of your own, donate time and/or money to Sustainable Atwood. Questions? Call/text 608-886-3379 or write to twink@sustainableatwood.org.