Switch-to-Solar   FAQs


What does it cost to put up solar panels?

A typical 3 kilowatt system will power most of a homes electrical needs, and will cost about $15,000 before the federal tax credit.  (about $10,000 after)  The solar panels are warrantied for 25 yrs.

How much will my contribution help offset my own electricity use?

For every $250 you contribute to the S2S program, you will be offsetting about 6,000 kWh of energy from burning fossil fuels.
That’s the kWh equivalent of about 10 months electricity for a typical house in Madison, WI, or about 10,000 pounds ofCO2

What are other ways I can support local solar?

Ask us how you can be a Solar Ambassador for your neighborhood to sponsor more Local Solar projects!  If you belong to a church or a school or a library that you think could benefit from having solar power, you could help us introduce a new solar project to your community.

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