Our organizational growth and development

Sustainable Atwood’s growth

Remarkably, Sustainable Atwood (SA)’s current level of progress toward creating a neighborhood model of social, economic and ecological sustainability has been reached in two years. Thank you to all who have put the ABLE in Sustainable Atwood.

Early 2010, SA successfully established visions and goals as a neighborhood and designed a structure of teams (food, transportation, business, etc.) to achieve them. Next, we hammered out organizational development. Teams took shape according to the interests, leadership and skills of each group. Thanks to leadership on those early teams, significant projects emerged, moving us closer to our goals.

The team structure demands a high degree of organization to maintain, one that we are still growing in to.  In the meantime, the categories remain a solid base around which projects and concepts continue to grow.

The ongoing core and communications teams each have directors with distinct responsibilities enlisting the work of multiple volunteers, and are open to those interested in working toward the visions and goals forged by our neighborhood.  These two teams manage the organization and its development. Project templates are being created to stimulate and support new and ongoing projects when and where they emerge in the neighborhood.  SA functions as a hub for creating and expanding sustainability projects, increasing project visibility, and providing support, promotion and development.

Some of the 2010-2011 outcomes, such as the Atwood Winnebago Area Business Association (AWABA) became organizations in their own right. SA helped establish the first AWABA meetings and agendas and actively promoted its development. Now AWABA is up and running on its own, filing for legal status and recognized by Madison as one of its 12 official business associations. Other projects are specific to SA, such as the SA Metro Commute Card, the SA Tree Inventory and SA Green Movie Nights. Still other projects emerge through partnerships in expanding community networks and mutual interests, such as the Lowell Garden and Permaculture project, and Community Solar. Each project is included in our outreach as an important part of what makes us a sustainable community.

Whether projects originate from SA proper, grow independently from within the neighborhood and join us partners, we hope to increase our collective identity as a sustainable community through mutually supportive outreach, communication and collaboration.

“We” are neighbor-volunteers working together. Congratulations for our progress in 2011. We’d love to team up with you on your idea and welcome you to contribute to our project goals in 2012 to create an SA membership, people & project directory; develop the SA website; write articles; coordinate outreach; create an e-newsletter; apply for grants to support projects; and grow partnerships with non-profits and organizations.

Put your skills and interests to work for the sustainability of our neighborhood. Create a project of your own, donate time and/or money to Sustainable Atwood. Questions? Call/text 608-886-3379 or write to twink@sustainableatwood.org.

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