From Lawn to Peaches in the Front Yard

 SUSTAINABLE ATWOOD presents Janet Parker.

From Lawn to Peaches in the Front Yard:  Growing fruit, vegetables, mushrooms & community, with a little work and a lot of harvest. Janet and her partner Walt used deep mulching to easily transform their Eastside lawn into a productive and beautiful garden.  With a minimum of work and a maximum of mulch, they now harvest 14 types of fruit, 2 species of mushroom, and lots of vegetables from their yard.  They also designed and built a solar pergola that generates electricity while supporting climbing beans.  At this presentation Janet will share tips on “no-work” gardening, favorite seeds, garden snacks, and a powerpoint of photos of the garden as it grew over 6 years.  Come alone or with a friend for a great Friday night outing, optional dinner and conversation at Lao Laan Xiang afterward.


“[I]t was really a great presentation…[Janet] not only brought a lot of props, handouts, and food, but [she] really packed in a lot of information in [her] 45 minute talk.  I was inspired – to buy a current bush and a peach tree as well as planting peas in my front yard to climb up and up!  I can highly recommend her presentation and breadth of knowledge.” –Anita Temple

“Two enthusiastic thumbs up from me, too!  Janet’s lifetime of experience with gardening and her love for the subject are wonderfully obvious.” –Diane Farsetta
Parker founded its farmer support and training programs and serves on the board of the Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability, and is a strong advocate for Madison Fruits and Nuts Coalition
Janet Parker’s From Lawn to Peaches

JUNE 1, 2012

5:30 pm -7:00 pm

Hawthorne Library: 2702 East Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53704

Large conference room

Bus to Hawthorne: 06, 04

Lao Laan Xiang

Join us for dinner and conversation after the presentation (you buy your dinner, we all talk growing food!)
Limited seating
2098 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704


Sustainable Atwood e:  p/t: 608-886-3379