Great Turnout for Grains of Time Art Show Opening At Redamte Coffee House

We had a great art show opening for Grains of Time at Redamte Coffee House. There was a large attendance and a whole lot of interest! Much thanks to Redamte and their great staff, the artists, and all those in attendance, including partners and friends from Forest Products Lab, Dane County Parks, RC&D, the UW Art Department, and of course, Sustainable Atwoodians!

Little Free Urban Forest Library

You can still go check out all the cool art, furniture, guitars, little libraries, and even beehive (not active if you were wondering) until May 5th.

Grains of Time: Urban Forest Stewards Art Exhibit:  Redamte Coffee House,  449 State Street, Madison WI  (Right above Four Star Video Heaven/Sprout: Vertical Garden  & Urban Ag) Through May 5, 2012.