EAB: Challenges of an unusual project

6 month report continued…

The community has expressed interest in the EAB inventory each time weve reported or presented on it and we have acquired a good list of volunteers, but timing and readiness for public participation has been a challenge.  At our first meeting and presentation to SA in January, we came with a packed agenda and the expectation that people would be interested in helping with every facet of the project, including organizing and strategy, and that all of the components of the project would get underway at once.   Instead, we found that the busy working public needed pick-up-and-go tasks, and that the inventory itself required intricate organizing before the general public could be involved.

Another challenge, not as difficult as it is awkward, is that the information needed is on private property.  So far, almost all homeowner/neighbors we’ve talked to are interested and welcome the inventorying of their trees.  Others, understandably, are unsure.  It’s our hope that, because the project is by neighbors, for neighbors we can put any concerns to rest.

Keeping the website up to date has also been a challenge. Websites are a niche and the few volunteers that know this area well are often maxed out on their volunteer time to the community.    The work is lined up now, and by the end of the project the website is expected to be robust with information (voila, it’s up now!).

This report cant go without saying that much of the communitys attention and energy was understandably directed to events playing out at the state capital for much of the spring, including regrettable changes to our state protections of the urban and state forests.

Other than these challenges, the education and outreach components of the grant are proceeding well.


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