Farewell SAMCC

Thanks–Economical, Low Carbon Travel

For six years the Sustainable Atwood Metro Commute Card (SAMCC) has been the SASY neighborhoods economical and low carbon travel alternative to cars. Our riders took the bus 8,506 times and saved an estimated $3,616 in 2015 alone!

After thousands of rides, and thousands of pounds of carbon emissions saved, we are sad to say that Sustainable Atwood will no longer offer the Metro Commute Card program in 2017. Despite our commitment to our riders, we are unable to continue the program on our current budget. We are searching for a similar program to refer riders to, and will announce it here if we are successful.  It will be hard to do because our fabulous staff and volunteers made this program the first of its kind! If you know of an organization interested in reducing emissions through a Metro Commute Card bus ridership program, please have them contact us. We’d love to share our model and experience.

To all of our riders, for all of these years and miles, thank you for doing your part to make our planet a healthier place to be! And thanks to the visionaries, staff and volunteers who made it all possible.
We hope you’ll keep riding Madison Metro for a carbon neutral lifestyle.

Did you know, every year public transportation reduces our nations carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons and that a two-person household that downsizes to one car can save as much as $9,700 a year?


For a sustainable neighborhood, yours, mine, ours.