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Sustainable Atwood Metro Commute Card (SAMCC) Program
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The SAMCC is an annual unlimited ride bus pass offered by Madison Metro Transit through Sustainable Atwood. Cost per ride is $1.25–a 75¢ base fare savings per ride. SAMCC riders simply swipe the card through the fare box each time they board a Metro bus anywhere across the Metro system (transfers are not included for SAMCC rides).  Metro calculates the charges for the rides, and Sustainable Atwood invoices the rider for payment monthly. Automatic payments made through the rider’s bank account make the SAMCC program simple and easy.  Never search for bus fare again!

See the Metro cost comparison chart below to see if the SAMCC program is right for you.

SAMCC program details:
    • The program is sponsored by Madison Metro Transit (MMT) and administered by Sustainable Atwood.
    • The SAMCC offers a low $1.25 rate per ride, compared to $2 when you pay in cash (please note: no transfers are issued when using the SAMCC).
    • Sign up and receive a “swipeable” SAMCC for use on MMT buses. Unlimited rides, monthly invoice.
    • Keep a SAMCC in your wallet for when you take the bus occasionally, or use it every day for big savings.
    • Lower your carbon footprint! If your car has an average MPG, and you drive 10 miles each way to work… taking the bus will keep over 70 pounds of carbon out of the air every week!
    • Cost to participate: administration fee: $15 per year plus one time deposit: $40.
    • $5 replacement fee per lost card.

How can I get a SAMCC?

      1. Print and complete the 2016 SAMCC Agreement and ACH Form that will be used to process your monthly ride charges.
      2. Mail your $40 deposit and $15 yearly admin fee with your signed agreement and ACH form to 2018 Helena St, Madison WI 53704. Check payable to Sustainable Atwood.
      3. Once your payment is received, your SAMCC card will arrive shortly thereafter via U.S. Postal Service.
      4. Start using your card on any MMT bus across the system!
      5. MMT will periodically bill Sustainable Atwood (SA) for the rides you take (up to two months afterward).
      6. SA will  email you an invoice with the number of swipes (rides) and the balance due billed by MMT for your card use.
      7. Payment will be withdrawn automatically (ACH) from your bank account by Summit Credit Union the following week.
      8. This invoice/payment cycle continues until you notify the SAMCC administrator that you wish to leave the program. Your $40 deposit will be returned when all of your charges have cleared.
      9. More details are available in the 2016 SAMCC Contract.

Still have questions? Lost your card?

Contact SAMCC Administrator:

Phone: 608-622-7212

2013 Commute Card Price Comparison


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