SA to co-sponsor City of Madison Sustainability Plan Meeting

The vote is in. Sustainable Atwood will be co-sponsoring the City of Madison Sustainability Plan meeting on March 16, 7-9pm at the Atwood Goodman Community Center.

What that means according to Don F.:
We are co-sponsoring this meeting with the Four Lakes Group Sierra Club (and SC will also state that you are a co-sponsor), and should encourage people to come. We are invited to bring any literature we want, and we can also have a few minutes to talk about SA before the presentation. There should be time to talk with people afterwards.

Other background info:

I [Don Ferber] have been working with Sherrie Gruder on a presentation on the
Madison Sustainability Plan which is due out shortly and will be held
on March 16 at 7 PM at the Goodman Community Center. I wondered if
Sustainable Atwood would like to be a co-sponsor? Sherrie indicated
to me that if Sustainable Atwood will attend, Lou Host Jablonski from
our committee would likely be there as well. It certainly fits well
with SA’s efforts, and would provide SA an early opportunity to
provide feedback on the plan and get your input in. As Sherrie
indicated, the plan will be available on March 11. Her note is below.


The City of Madison Sustainable Design and Energy Committee (SDEC)
has recently completed a new Sustainability Plan as an adjunct to
Madison’s Comprehensive Plan. The Plan was developed with input from
hundreds of stakeholders, and presents a balanced look at
environmental, economic and social goals for improving our region’s
sustainability and prosperity now and to benefit future generations.
As a strategic look at where we as a community are now and where we
want to be, the Plan is designed to lay out a broad, inclusive, and
community-responsive sustainability agenda that is meant to provide
guidance for current and future decisions makers, City employees,
residents, businesses, schools, and organizations.

In an effort to present the Madison community with another
opportunity to engage and provide feedback on the Sustainability
Plan, you are invited to a meeting on March 16th at the Atwood
Community Center, 7:00-9:00 pm where the plan will be outlined and
discussed. You will be able to access the plan and a survey about
the plan in advance starting March 11 on the City of Madison
sustainability page.

Either before or after the forum, SDEC would be grateful if you would
examine the table of contents and read the specific areas of interest
to you or your organization. Organizations are encouraged to address
as much or as little of the document as they choose. SDEC has
prepared a brief online survey which you can quickly fill out to help
us gather public input on the Plan. The Plan is broken into ten
Sustainability Categories, each containing a brief definition and
vision. Each category contains a number of goals. The 55 goals and
associated actions outlined in the Plan are not meant to be
prescriptive, but rather an attempt to lay out a series of priorities
and directions that will help Madison and the capital region become
more sustainable. We want to know which actions your organizations
are already working on or will be enthusiastic to work on so we can
list you as partners in the plan as we move our community toward
sustainability together.

We hope you will be able to join us March 16th. There will be two
public hearings on the plan in April held by the Sustainable Design
and Energy Committee as well as providing input through the survey.
So, there will be plenty of opportunity to engage!

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