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MGE Green Power Tomorrow Challenge Results

First, the good news.

We were the biggest neighborhood to participate in the Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) Neighborhood Challenge.  And we’re really big.

MGE measures us by “accounts.” We have 4,220 MGE accounts in SASY–a full 1,715 more than Tenney, and 3,569 more than Carpenter-Ridgeway (C-R).

Second, the bad news.

We didn’t win the challenge. Carpenter-Ridgeway did.

Third, the other good news.

As it turns out, the section of our neighborhood between Division Street and the Yahara River is almost exactly the same size as C-R.  The Division-Yahara section is where most of SA’s available volunteer energy was concentrated. We were neck and neck with C-R when compared with this part of our neighborhood!  Exact numbers are hard to come by, but many of us [in the Division-Yahara section and throughout the whole of SASY] were signed up for Green Power before the challenge. This means that SA volunteers worked double hard to increase GPT participation here.

Now, the better news.

We’re greener now than when we started.

Congratulations and hats off to Carpenter-Ridgeway for helping to make our world a greener place!

Wave your hats and fly your hankies for the SA volunteers who worked so hard on this campaign and for those who signed up for GPT!

Special thanks to MGE’s Bob Stoffs for the support and printing of our flyers; to Storybridge for the great video; to Donna Magdalina for graphic design work; to RENEW Wisconsin for continued work on energy policy; and to the many other neighbors working by skill and profession on sustainable energy issues.

Next, the best news.

Not the “GPT Challenge Champs?” No problem.

Put your hats back on and stow your hankies. The contest is over, and we’re still 
Champions for Sustainability!
Congratulations and good work!

The challenge is over, but you can still sign up.