About Us

Sustainable Atwood “members” include every resident, business owner and organization having a stake in the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara neighborhood. We’re working to create a neighborhood-sized model of sustainability for Madison, the state of Wisconsin and, well, the world.  Some of our forestry, metro, solar programs and projects are the first of their kind–they can be replicated and we’re happy to help you bring them to your neighborhood.  Other projects, like our Tool Lending Library, are part of larger movements across the country that we’re glad to be a part of. Our partners, volunteers, and dedicated organizers help us do things we never thought possible.

Community Solar installation of 3.25 kilowatt system on Sustainable Atwood office roof by local installers, Full Spectrum Solar, with panels made by Helios of Milwaukee, WI.


Our mission is to create models of sustainability for neighborhoods, starting with our own. Through education and outreach we’re working to expand and create sustainable practices, designs and systems in our neighborhood of 6,000 residents.  We hope that through our efforts we are able to better define and discover models that can be replicated throughout our city, Madison, Wisconsin.

We are working toward:

  • A resilient urban forest supported by a robust urban forest economy
  • A carbon neutral neighborhood
  • Growing all of our own food–including our pantries’–on our public and private land.
  • A convenient and comfortable place to live and travel without a car and safe for everyone.
  • A pedestrian, bicycle based community.
  • A vibrant destination for arts and cultural events.
  • A nexus of creative, accessible, and responsive communication.
  • A fully networked and interdependent community.
  • A politically relevant organization of neighbors.
  • A zero garbage community.
  • A maximum organic matter composting community.

Yahara River in Winter

We will have:

  • Sustainable businesses that attract and retain jobs and services.
  • Commerce and industry supported by a local workforce.
  • Complete water remediation from all hard-scapes.
  • Excellent air quality.
  • A resilient urban forest permaculture and ecosystem.
  • Abundant connected green spaces.
  • A swimmable Lake Monona and Starkweather Creek.

For a sustainable neighborhood, yours, mine, ours.