The New Normal

Our mission is to make “sustainable” the norm by helping neighborhoods thrive as models of social, economic, and ecological well-being.

To begin, we’ve created neighborhood models of urban forestry, transportation, solar energy, and tool sharing right here where we live, work and play in the SASY neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin.  With replicable models of sustainability, we won’t all have to invent the wheels of change–they can just keep rolling, gaining traction, and becoming part of our daily lives.

We hope people throughout Madison will find ways to join our efforts in creating a healthy city and planet. Please view our current projects, and news for ways to help our neighborhood and yours become thriving spaces for a healthy urban social-economic-ecosystem.

We’d love to hear from you …

info@sustainableatwood.org   608-886-3379


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For a sustainable neighborhood, yours, mine, ours.